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Meeting - Jan 27th, 2015 


RSVP --> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tulsa-net-jan-2015-meeting-tickets-14403299657 Main Presentation: Intro to IoT using .NET Micro Framework and Netduino What is this IoT thing I keep hearing about? How can I get started making these “things”? If you have a desire to tinker with stuff and make them blink, move, and respond to environment plus love you some .NET, then this talk is for you. We will go over what IoT is and how you can use your .NET skills to get started immediately. We will discuss the Netduino device and what it can do. This talk will also give a quick intro into Azure websites and how we can leverage them in our devices. We will also go into a brief discussion of the .NET micro framework and some of the limitations you might encounter. This talk will include several demos of projects using the .NET micro framework, Netduino devices, and Azure services. Matthew Reilly Matthew Reily is an aspiring software craftsman who has a deep passion for learning and discussing new development technologies and practices. Matthew has worked diligently sharpening his skills for the past 15 years and has worn many hats. He has helped develop and deliver world class software, managed a couple of DevOps teams, and even spent a few years running his own consulting company. He loves to spend time with his family and working on his next IoT project. Matthew is currently perfecting his craft as a software architect for InterWorks, Inc.


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